New Years

New Years Resolutions – Goal Setting or Stress Building?

We look at the new year as a new beginning, a chance to start fresh and “do better” than we did before. Are New Years Resolutions a form of goal setting or a form of stress building. Most of us aspire to do/be better. I personally do not title my goals New Years Resolutions. It puts too much pressure on the goal.

Few resolutions last thru March. So many get excited about loosing, weight, getting organized, quitting smoking, etc. but by spring that goal has faded and replaced with feelings of failure and self doubt. Why do we need to annually announce our goals? The “experts” say that sharing your goals (resolutions) holds you to a level of accountability. It also increases the stress if you don’t reach that goal or you struggle with that goal.

So I ask are you making a New Years Resolution or setting goals this year?


Technology Reunites Families

While I have my husband, his family and my boys, I miss my family dearly. Over 500 mile apart and sometimes feels it like thousands.

We lost 2 members of our family this year, my mom and my cousin. Both dying way to young. This has really made me realize how short life is and how important family is. I can’t even imagine not having extended family but for many years while busy starting and raising my own family I took having extended family for granted, assuming they would always be there. Thank God for technology.

If it weren’t for Facebook I probably would have never reconnected with my extended family. I love waking up in the morning and going on Facebook first thing and getting a glimpse in the lives of my family. I love seeing all the pictures of all the nieces and nephew and cousins. I feel like I get to take some part in watching them grow up which would never have been possible pre-Facebook. Because of technology I have been able to reunite with family that I have not communicated with in years and have been introduced to some I have never met.

Thanks to technology I have been fortunate enough to be part of planning a family reunion with my family and the great thing about it is even if I can’t physically be there I can be there via Skype or Facetime.



What I Talk About When I Talk About Blogging

Sasha Dichter's Blog

I’ve had a lot of conversations in the past few months that start with people saying, “I really have been meaning to write or blog, but I just haven’t done it. Any advice on how to start and stick with it?”

Here are 12 things that I’ve learned since I started blogging in 2008:

  1. A structured time to write. Stephen King is famous for saying that step one in writing is to put your “butt in the chair.” Not glamorous, but true. 99% of my blog posts have been written on the train that I take home from work. And most of them come out very quickly – in 10-15 minutes. But I’ve discovered that when I don’t take the train, I don’t write blog posts. That’s when I write.
  2. Make a commitment. Commit to how much you’re going to publish / write / post. I’d suggest you aim high…

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Best of The Blogosphere

4 Mothers

home-office-336378_640Photography is one of those art forms that seems easy . . .until you try to perfectly capture a moment in time with a camera. Good photography manages convey emotion and beauty with one click and for this very reason, I remain in complete awe of good photographers. Elena Shumilova, a Russian artist and mother, photographed her boys with animals on the farm that she runs and the resulting images are simply breathtaking!

Someone I know recently lost her husband to cancer. She is a mom to three young children and for the past few years balanced caring for them and caring for her husband. There were times that I would snap myself out of a funk by thinking of her family and being inspired by the courage they demonstrated while faced with such incredible adversity. Paul Kalanithi wrote How Long Have I Got Left for The New York…

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thanks, mr. jobs.

I want to go buy my dad an iPad. Thank you for this story.



‘Thank you, Steve Jobs.’

God, I never thought I would say those words.

For decades, I have been both infuriated and seduced by the man; alternating between curious and angry, enamored and resentful. I idolized and villainized him. His products have both helped and hijacked my career and personal life – devouring my time, my attention and my bank account. For all of his grand invention, he was at the core just a ‘dealer’, feeding society’s ‘more, please, now’ addiction. By blurring technologies with toys, he hooked billions with a ‘shiny new, faster, more colorful’ lure.  

Ironically, he considered himself Buddhist but masterminded products that disconnect us from our minds instead of settling us deeper into them.

Like many, I grew tired of his rhetoric and bravado, his secrets and sweatshops. But when I watched the now famous 60 minutes interview where he rejected his birth father as a mere sperm bank – and vowed to never meet…

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