New Years

New Years Resolutions – Goal Setting or Stress Building?

We look at the new year as a new beginning, a chance to start fresh and “do better” than we did before. Are New Years Resolutions a form of goal setting or a form of stress building. Most of us aspire to do/be better. I personally do not title my goals New Years Resolutions. It puts too much pressure on the goal.

Few resolutions last thru March. So many get excited about loosing, weight, getting organized, quitting smoking, etc. but by spring that goal has faded and replaced with feelings of failure and self doubt. Why do we need to annually announce our goals? The “experts” say that sharing your goals (resolutions) holds you to a level of accountability. It also increases the stress if you don’t reach that goal or you struggle with that goal.

So I ask are you making a New Years Resolution or setting goals this year?