About Me

Finally Finding Myself

I always knew I wanted to do something special, creative fun but had no idea what it would be. I dabbled in everything from quilting to scrapbooking but the feeling of satisfaction was always short lived. There has always been this deep feeling that there is something deep inside of me that needs to be released, a creative caterpillar waiting inside its cocoon to turn to a butterfly and spread it wings to fly. With the urging of a friend I decided to try my hand at painting. Base on past experiences this was never going anywhere. I found a strange sense of relaxation when painting that I had struggled to find all my life.

Some say I’m up tight and don’t know how to relax. I say I’ll relax when there’s nothing left to worry about. When I’m painting there is nothing to worry about. I don’t worry if everyone is going to love it or if it’s perfect or if I’m doing it “right”. I just paint.

I have found this same satisfaction in writing, blogging. With blogging I don’t feel the pressure of writing a BOOK. I just write what is on my mind, a short snippet or pages, it’s whatever is there…no pressure. I just write about what is important to me or about what others have told me are important to them.

I have finally found myself by loosing myself in creating paintings and blogs.


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